Pugs Atomz


Pugs Atomz is a multimedia artist whose practice is dedicated to bearing witness to, and documenting, the rich brilliance, creative spirit and joy that thrives within Black communities. Atomz believes artists are the storytellers of their communities. His earliest creative influencers were the muralists and graffiti artists he saw on the Green Line trains while growing up in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. Among his most illustrative projects is the experiential installation “Mookie on the Southside,” a multi-faceted aesthetic exploration of places, people, and stories that shaped his understanding of the community he calls home. Atomz is as interested in so-called official history as personal memories and the myths that arise in the gaps between these various forms of recollection. In addition to being a visual artist, Atomz is an accomplished musician, DJ, designer, entrepreneur, community organizer, and activist.