Brooklin Soumahoro France, b. 1990


"It’s no secret that my work is a fusion of minimalism and expressionism, which are two movements with clear oppositional approaches to making art. I consider these movements to be the apex of abstraction. But I try to make work for the future."

—Brooklin Soumahoro

Brooklin Soumahoro is a self taught artist whose paintings straddle a space between expressive mark making and minimal compositional strategies. Soumahoro draws inspiration from the interplay between the perceived opposition between emotion and austerity.


Soumahoro's paintings appear immensely complex and layers, but in fact they have been stripped down to the essential elements of color and line. Beginning with a carefully planned out structure, he fills in the gridded space with intuitive, gestural, linear marks. This demanding process can be exhausting, putting him in a mindset somewhere in between the physical and metaphysical worlds. That sense of dualities in perspective is conveyed through the works, which Soumahoro describes as simutaneous representations of "stillness/chaos, violence/peace."