Patrick Chamberlain USA, b. 1955


Patrick Chamberlain is a painter whose primary interest is in creating an experience for viewers and for himself within the pictorial space. He has said, “I do not make paintings of things. I present in contrast to represent.”


Chamberlain employs a mixture of philosophy and formalism in his work. His visual language includes references to geometric and lyrical abstraction, as well as figurative elements, conceptual elements, and text. He avoids what could be considered “illustration,” preferring to evoke feelings and thoughts rather than declaring content. He fluidly shifts between styles and techniques, employing a range of methods in order to maintain what he considers to be honesty in the painting. He strives to present illusions in his paintings while also revealing the means by which the illusions are affected.


Recent exhibitions include Patrick Chamberlain, Kavi Gupta, Chicago, IL; a transcendent conjunctive(sic), The Suburban Riverwest, Milwaukee, WI; American Genre: Contemporary Painting, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME; Secrets about Goo, curated by Scott Roberts, Commonwealth Gallery, Madison, WI; and On Your Mark, Artspace, New Haven, CT.