“What is the disconnect between our innate knowingness and our optic interpretations of the world around us? I am presented with something seemingly concrete in front of me only to find it is soft and supple. What happens inside me as my brain tries to understand and recalibrate itself? That dissonance is the conduit to a greater understanding—the disruption to our seeming truth that evokes consciousness.”

— Kennedy Yanko

Kennedy Yanko is a sculptor and installation artist working in found metal and paint skin. Yanko deploys her materials in ways that explore the limitations of optic vision, underlining the opportunities we miss when looking with eyes alone. Her methods reflect a dual abstract expressionist-surrealist approach that centers the seen and unseen factors that affect, contribute to, and moderate human experience.


Yanko will be the Artist in Residence at the Rubell Museum of Art in 2021. She was named Art Forum’s “Critic’s Pick” in 2019 and was featured in 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow, published by Thames & Hudson.


Her institutional exhibitions include the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (Parallels and Peripheries, curated by Larry Ossei-Mensah) and University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum (Life During WarTime, curated by Christian Viveros-Faune).

Her work is included in notable private museums, namely the Bunker Artspace, West Palm Beach (Beth Rudin DeWoody), Espacio Tacuari, Buenos Aires (Juan Vergez and Patricia Pearson), and the Rubell Museum of Art, Miami (Don and Mera Rubell).

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