Scott Reeder USA, b. 1970


Scott Reeder is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Chicago, illinois and Detroit, Michigan. Reeder uses simple forms in his paintings,

sculptures, and installations, to address complex ideas and to deploy cultural critique.


Reeder works in a wide range of media, including public sculpture, painting, sculpture, neon, and installation. His public artworks have been exhibited extensively in cities such as Miami and Chicago, and have received extensive coverage in the press, often sparking debate because of their multifaceted poten-tial meanings.


Reeder has also become known for his cartoon like style, which includes the use of expres-sive contour lines and bright colors, demon-strated infamously in his Cute Communists series (2007), which featured images of famous communistleaders painted with doll-like cuteness.


His other subjects have included paintings of anthropomorphic objects, works that offer a critical reconsideration of the familiar and the mundane, and humorous references to iconic art historical works, as in Cops Ascending a Staircase (2009) (a reference to Marcel Duchamp’s most famous work). More recently, Reeder has created a series of spaghetti paintings, in which the silhouettes of various types of cooked and uncooked spaghetti are spray painted onto a surface in abstract compositions.