Curtis Mann USA, b. 1979


Curtis Mann’s photography employs a very physical process to investigate and exposethe unreliable nature of the photograph in the digital age. He encourages skepticism ofthe truth in images by manipulating and heavily removing portions of found images.These found images, often gleaned from the internet, are then photographed and enlargedbefore Mann uses a bleaching and varnishing process to carefully edit what remains inthe finished piece. A tension between the remaining figures and the vast blank expansescreates an unsettling emptiness and prompts questions of what has been eroded by thebleach, and how this changes the meaning of the new image. Using the backdrop ofpolitically unstable and violent hotbeds of the Middle East and Africa, the workbecomesa topical platform in which we question manipulation and truth in the media broadcastedto us every day, as well as ponder our own role of destruction and violence in these faraway lands.


Mann was recently selected to participate in the 2010 Whitney Biennial at the WhitneyMuseum in New York City. He has upcoming solo shows at Kavi Gupta Gallery inChicago, and at the Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art in Overland Park,KS.


Other recent solo exhibitions include:“12x12 New Artists/New Work” at the Museum ofContemporary Art in Chicago (2009), “New Work: Curtis Mann–The Solo Project” atKusseneers Gallery in Basel, Switzerland (2009), “Modifications–The Solo Project”Kusseneers Gallery in Basel, Switzerland and Kusseneers Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium(2008). Selected group exhibitions include:“2010” at the 2010 Whitney Biennial,(Whitney Museum of American Art, New York), “MP3 II: Midwest PhotographersProject” at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago (2009), “Bad Moon”at Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago (2009), “Altered States” at Howard YezerskiGallery, Boston (2009), “Visual Morphology” at Klomching Gallery, Brooklyn (2009),“Troposhere” at Hampshire House, New York (2009), “Art Chicago” at ApertureBooks/Gallery, Chicago (2009).Curtis Mann was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1979. He received his MFA at ColumbiaCollege in 2008 and currently lives and works in Chicag