Rewind Collective is an activist art collective of photographers, fine artists and digital creatives, working to address imbalances in representation in the contemporary art field. Through the creation of new digital artworks that respond to existing works from art history, the collective uplifts women and other marginalized groups within the field.


"Did you know that the twenty most expensive artworks in the world are by white men?” Rewind Collective asks. “It is time to rewind back the patriarchy, misogyny and segregation and shine a light on those who deserve to be seen and heard."


The mobilizing theory of the collective is that technology can be used effectively as a tool to bring inequities in the art field into focus for viewers, collectors, curators and institutional power brokers. For example, the group’s Remember Us series deploys images of historical artworks and artists in their studios, digitally altering and blending them together to center minority artists who have been overlooked by the traditional Western art historical canon.


A statement from the anonymous collective asserts, “Our mission is to rewind back the patriarchy, misogyny, and segregation, and shine a light on those who deserve to be seen and heard.”


Rewind Collective
Remember Us X, 2021
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