Breanna Robinson


Breanna Robinson is a visual artist working with themes related to nostalgia (and time, broadly), femininity, media and technology, often in the context of Black American culture, history, and traditions. Working with a variety of processes including printmaking, collage, drawing, and coding, her projects tend to take shape through a mix of hand + digital renderings, collage, and image manipulation. For Skin + Masks, Robinson created a print-based installation characterized by the often bizarre, colorful, and evocative nature of dreams. The installation aims to materialize the acts of dreaming and remembering. Drawing from Robinson’s own personal memories, dreams, and research, some of the works represent the often impossible experience of recalling a distant memory or chasing after a fading dream, while others mimic the process by which information is encoded, processed, and called to mind. Robinson holds a BFA in Print Media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Recent exhibitions include the Print Center in New York, NY; the SGCI 2022 Conference in Madison, WI; and Drama Club gallery, Chicago, IL.