Frieze London Viewing Room 2020

9 - 16 October 2020 


Kavi Gupta is proud to be part of Frieze London’s 2020 online viewing room. Innovative platforms like this offer us ways to stay connected with our global community of collectors, curators and researchers, and to continue celebrating the important art and artists that are shaping our collective future.


Our 2020 Frieze London Viewing Room highlights works by a diverse roster of international artists who are exploring the evolving relationships between painting, sculpture, history and politics; perceived boundaries between objective and non-objective art; and the power of context to transform the relationship between viewers and aesthetic phenomena.


This presentation places artists from around the world in a common dialogue, illustrating their diverse perspectives and equally diverse techniques and strategies. Works by Young-Il Ahn, Roger Brown, Alfred Conteh, Beverly Fishman, Jeffrey Gibson, Richard Hunt, Deborah Kass, Manish Nai, Tony Tasset, and Kennedy Yanko will be featured.

Link to the Frieze Viewing