Tony Tasset Lends Cleveland a hand

Tony Tasset, Judy's Hand Pavilion, 2018, At Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art
Tony Tasset, Judy's Hand Pavilion, 2018, At Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art

Judy’s Hand Pavilion, the newest monumental outdoor sculpture project by Tony Tasset, arrived in Cleveland this week ahead of the opening of the FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art.


As reporter Steven Litt described it: “The lunch crowd picnicking at Toby’s Plaza in University Circle’s Uptown district Monday had some unexpected entertainment when a flatbed from Chicago showed up with a giant silver hand aboard.”


Here’s some great video courtesy of of Tony talking about the installation of this amazing work:


We also have this description of the installation from FRONTART.ORG, along with a rendering of what the installation will look like:

“Tasset’s commissioned sculpture will double as a dramatic public shelter and gathering spot in the 34,000-square-foot plaza, and will animate this crossroads as a site of continued programming during the FRONT Triennial. The oversized sculpture serves several functions at once–as an an architectural pavilion, a place making marker and a work of art–raising a simple gesture to a civic monument and underscoring art’s potential to create new viewpoints in the urban fabric.

Judy’s Hand Pavilion is a writ large representation of the hand of the artist’s wife, who is a celebrated contemporary abstract painter. Indulging in the pleasures of verisimilitude, scale, and a lustrous finish, the work critically examines the artistic traditions of appropriation, pathos, and pleasure. Brightly colored, richly narrative, playful yet satirical, the artist is best known for his large-scale sculptures that draw from the visual language of American roadside advertising.

The project is co-Sponsored by Department of Art History and Art, KSL Library, Baker Nord-Center for the Humanities and Putnam Collection at Case Western Reserve University.”