Manuel Mathieu

Installation Views

Born in 1986 in Haiti Currently based in Montreal, Canada

While Manuel Mathieu’s trajectory may be easily traced to his Haitian upbringing, his work articulates his positionality from a multitude of realities and perspectives. Reposing on his own multiplicity, the abstractness of his work conveys the abundance in existing at the intersection of racial, geographical, and cultural identities.

Mathieu’s abstract imagery taps into the unrepresentable and elusive — he offers emotional and spiritual nuances that post-structuralist critiques neglect. He presents historical paintings that rely on emotive and speculative thinking as a form of knowledge production. He abandons figurative or didactic western traditions for a more interactive mode of interpretation where the viewers are actively participating in formulating their understanding of the work. Mathieu’s practice brings much needed vitality to the otherwise definitive character of painting by allowing the meaning of his work to be context-dependent.

He expands his artistic repertoire to delve into subjects that investigate themes of historical violence, erasure, as well as Haitian visual cultures of physicality, nature, and religious symbolism. He takes us along a journey that brings pleasure and purpose in being vulnerable and ever-changing. Marrying abstract and figurative techniques, his compositions carve out space for us to reflect on Haiti’s transformative heritage while inviting us to consider the different futures the act of remembering creates. After all, this is what Mathieu’s evocative paintings incite in us: a sense of polyphonic reality that forgoes absolute truth and draws from our collective imaginary.

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Negroland: A Landscape of Desire, Kavi Gupta, Chicago, IL

2020 World Discovered Under Other Skies, The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada

Survivance, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada

2019 WuJi HDM Gallery, Beijing, China

2018 Nobody is Watching, Kavi Gupta, Chicago, IL

Solo booth, Armory show, New York, NY, Tiwani Contemporary Gallery

2017 Truth to Power, Tiwani Gallery, London, UK

Art Brussels, Maruani Mercier, Belgium

2016 One future, Goldsmiths Graduating show, UK

2015 49/50, Fig 2, Curated by Fatos Üstek, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK

Two Person/ Group Exhibitions

2020The Figure in Solitude, online exhibition, Kavi Gupta, Chicago, IL

RELATIONS: The diaspora and painting, Phi Foundation for Contemporary Art, Montreal, Canada

2019The Other Side of Now: Foresight in Contemporary Caribbean Art, Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), Miami, FL curated by María Elena Ortiz and Dr. Marsha Pearce

Over My Black Body, Galerie de l’UQAM, Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal, Canadacurated by Eunice Bélidor and Anaïs Castro

2018 Frieze NY, Kavi Gupta, New York, NY

Here we are here: Black canadian contemporary art, Museum of fine arts Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Armory show, Kavi Gupta, New York, NY

ARCO Madrid, Maruani Mercier, Spain

2017 Art Basel, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Miami, FL

1:54 art fair London, London, UK, Tiwani Contemporary

We are all very anxious, Dye House 451, London, UK

Foire Papier, Galerie Division, Montreal, Canada

In-visibilité Ostentatoire, Fondation Clement, Martinique