The Armory Show 2018

8 - 11 March 2018 

For the Armory Show, Kavi Gupta will debut parts of our exciting 2018 program with a diverse selection of artists. Highlights will include works by Young-Il Ahn, Jeffrey Gibson, Gerald Williams, Richard Hunt, Beverly Fishman, Angel Otero, Firelei Báez, José Lerma, Glenn Kaino, Manuel Mathieu, Claire Sherman and Michael Joo among others.


The core of the booth (#611) will feature curated juxtapositions of works by artists who engage social and personal narratives while innovating with formal, technical, and material manifestations. Through these juxtapositions we aim to highlight the individual strengths of each artist while also showing the relevance and engagement of their practices. Important to many of these artists—Gerald Williams, Jeffrey Gibson, Firelei Báez, José Lerma, Manuel Mathieu and others—is how these social and personal narratives intersect, prompting dialogs about identity, politics, and history.