Clare Rojas, Everyone Has Those Spaces: Kavi Gupta | 219 N. Elizabeth St. Chicago, IL, 60607

22 November 2014 - 1 February 2015

Kavi Gupta Gallery is pleased to present its fourth solo exhibition of work by Clare E. Rojas. This new body of work, inspired by an observance of forms in nature, continues Rojas’s study of geometric abstraction that was introduced in her exhibition Spaces In Between, at Kavi Gupta in 2012. Historically, Rojas is well known for her narrative and folk-influenced approach to gender and domesticity through painting, installation, and performance. Her more recent abstract works are formalist reductions evocative of Kazimir Malevich or Ellsworth Kelly with an emphasis on the floating image in space. Removing the subjects from these paintings and nurturing her instinctual disposition toward certain shapes and colors, Rojas is constructing an exercise of simplicity and self-reflection. In some works, the forms are in elegant balance with bold, white negative space of which Rojas has said, “I see it, and almost hear it, like you would hear the resonance of a sound in space.”

Installation Views