Exposed 2021, Featuring Tony Tasset: The Current | Stowe, Vermont

10 July - 23 October 2021

The works on display in Exposed. 2021 will highlight artists who focus on current political and social constructs/issues/systems through the relationship of language, sculpture, and installation; language as culturally specific, ideological, controversial, challenging, identifying, uniting, and separating. The works question or identify the disparate ways of communication.



Daniel Bejar

Brooklyn Hi-Art! Machine (Mildred Beltre and Oasa DuVerney)

Jonathan Gitelson

Aya Rodriguez-Izumi

Gabriel Sosa

Lynn Sullivan

Tony Tasset

Rirkrit Tiravanija

Tomas Vu


Audio Tour:

Tony Tasset


— Curatorial text courtesy the Current


Installation Views