Arghavan Khosravi Artist-led Exhibition Walkthrough: The Witness

Kavi Gupta | 835 W. Washington Blvd Floor 2 9 April 2022
Kavi Gupta | 835 W. Washington Blvd Floor 2 1:00 PM



On Saturday, April 9th at 1:00 PM Kavi Gupta will hosted Arghavan Khosravi  in an artist-led exhibition walkthrough.


Khosravi’s practice takes a conscious look at how values are transmitted and fostered through visual art. Typically, the only women portrayed in Persian miniature paintings have a subservient or secondary role, lacking agency and social significance. The value system transmitted by that iconography continues to shape Iranian gender politics today. Khosravi’s paintings introduce contemporary figurative and symbolic iconographies that challenge that misogynistic cultural architecture by spotlighting the contemporary international fight for gender equality. Abstract elements, like black, liquid plumes, reference corrupted economic and political systems, while female bodies are often depicted as being shackled or with their mouths sewn shut.