Vic Mensa in conversation with Andrea Coleman, Terron Cooper Sorrell, Mia Lee, Nikko Washington, and Gerald Williams: Kavi Gupta | Elizabeth St.

20 August 2022 
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Kavi Gupta presents an evening of conversation and music with Vic Mensa, in celebration of the philanthropic group exhibition SKIN + MASKS: Decolonizing Art Beyond the Politics of Visibility. Mensa’s first foray into visual arts curation, the exhibition is guided by philosophies expressed by Antilles-born author Frantz Fanon in his seminal text Black Skin, White Masks, and features the work of more than 30 artists from Africa, the US, and Europe.

Mensa will be joined in conversation with five of the Chicago-based artists in the show: Nikko Washington, Terron Cooper Sorrells, Mia Lee, Andrea Coleman, and special guest AFRICOBRA cofounder Gerald Williams, whose generational contribution to the Black Arts Movement that began in Chicago in the 1960s has served as a foundational inspiration for many of the artists in SKIN + MASKS, as well as Mensa.

Following the discussion, Mensa will perform an exclusive DJ set for attendees. This event follows the recent extension of SKIN + MASKS due to overwhelming demand, originally closing August 13 the exhibition will now close on September 3.

Doors open at 4 pm 

Conversation begins at 4:30 pm 

DJ set by Vic Mensa at 6:30 pm