Stockard Channing, Mickalene Thomas and More on Fulfillment (excerpt) — The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal , 09.07.2018

“I’m most fulfilled whenever I’m able to have space to think and don’t feel rushed to make my work. I’m very protective of that space. I have a small studio that I use to work out my ideas. They don’t always come to fruition, but it’s a process of cleaning out the quagmire. Art fuels inspiration; it can be impactful and transformative. It transcends the viewer and generates a safe space for people to have a discourse or a shift in understanding without having to worry about being politically correct. That’s fulfilling. That’s why it’s important for artists to create what they believe in, what they want to make, and for viewers to buy what they love and to seek that out for themselves. The muses I work with in my art also fulfill me. They’ve allowed me to see myself in them and to see my own beauty through them. They allow me to be a better woman and to own my own prowess and my own beauty.”