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Tuesday–Friday, 10am–6pm
Saturday, 11am–5pm

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Editions | Kavi Gupta 

835 W. Washington Blvd. 

Chicago, IL 60607

Tuesday-Friday 10 am-6 pm
Saturday 11 am-5 pm

Mail info@kavigupta.com


Private Viewing/Fine Art Storage
By Appointment only

2108 S. California Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608

Tel. +1 312 432 0708
Mail info@kavigupta.com

Kavi Gupta, Owner/Director
Jessica Moss, Principal/Head of Exhibitions



Audrey Barcio, Associate Director/ Sales

David Mitchell, Associate Director/ Exhibitions

Rachel Gonzales, Associate Director

Mail audrey@kavigupta.com , inquiries@kavigupta.com



Craig Cotsones, Registrar/Operations Manager

Chanelle Lacy, Communications and Artist Liaison

Alex Kostiw, Publications Manager

Erol Harris, Gallery Associate

Ryan Nault, Head Preparator

John Lusis, Preparator




Kavi Gupta does not accept unsolicited submissions.
Thank you for your understanding.