835 W. Washington Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Hours
Tuesday–Friday, 10am–6pm
Saturday, 11am–5pm

Tel. +1 312 432 0708
Mail info@kavigupta.com

219 N. Elizabeth Street
Chicago IL 60607

Opening Hours
Friday–Saturday, 11am–5pm

Tel. +1 312 496 3552
Mail info@kavigupta.com

Private Viewing/Fine Art Storage

2108 S. California Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608

Tel. +1 312 432 0708
Mail info@kavigupta.com


Kavi Gupta, Owner/Director
Audrey Barcio, Assistant to the Director
David Mitchell, Exhibition/Operations Manager
Craig Cotsones, Operations Manager
Jessica Campbell, Publications & Programming Director
Rachel Gonzales, Artist Liaison/Communications
Paul Smith, Exhibitions/Programming
Ryan Nault, Preparator
Elizabeth Smarz, Registrar/ Preparator/Project Assistant
Cameron Clayborn, Gallery Assistant/ Project Assistant

Kavi Gupta does not accept unsolicited submissions.
Thank you for your understanding.