Young-Il Ahn Review on NEWCITY

Young-Il Ahn, installation view at Kavi Gupta Gallery

We are thankful to art critic Chris Miller at NEWCITY, for the thoughtful coverage of Young-Il Ahn‘s recent solo exhibition at Kavi Gupta’s Elizabeth Street gallery in Chicago! The range of different responses this writer had to Ahn’s different bodies of work demonstrates this painter’s ability to connect with many different types of viewers, and on many different levels.

Says Miller:

“The closer a painting sticks to an evenly spaced, orthogonal grid, the more it might represent a life that surrenders to rules and routine rather than risking confrontation and change. The more the grid is loosened, the more it might represent a life more open to new experience. Both kinds of paintings fill the floors of Kavi Gupta‚Äôs spacious Elizabeth Street gallery. The more time you spend with it, the more you seem to personally know this quiet, sensitive resilient soul who so loves painting, classical music and those places in the world where land meets water.”

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the full article, here’s a link:

Adrift in Abstraction: Young-Il Ahn at Kavi Gupta