Richard Hunt, Sixty Years of Art

Chicago-born sculptor Richard Hunt was recently featured in an article by UGA Today in anticipation of the Georgia Museum of Art’s upcoming exhibition on the artist.  The show, “Richard Hunt: Synthesis,” opens October 20th and traces Hunt’s long sixty-year career.

One of the most important and prolific creators of public art, Hunt has completely changed the discipline of sculpture.  He has created over 130 large-scale public sculptures which reflect “the personality of the communities surrounding them,” making his works relevant and responsive to contemporary issues and places.  Hunt also focuses on organic forms, which have been part of his work since the very start of his career.  Working in an animal lab at the University of Chicago as a teenager instilled in Hunt an interest in biology and natural shapes.  This focus continues to yield beautiful, organic constructions which set his work apart from other artists.

The exhibition at the Georgia Museum of Art includes Hunt’s work from various points in his career, bringing together examples of both his large-scale and small-scale works, drawing from private and public collections all over the country.  In addition, the museum will publish a book on Hunt’s life and career as an artist, including his most important public commissions.  “Synthesis” will celebrate this artist’s life and illustrate his incredible impact on local communities across America.


Written by Emelia Lehmann