Art in Lockdown: Mary Sibande

South African artist Mary Sibande recently caught up with us from her home in Johannesburg, to let us know how she’s coping under lockdown, how the pandemic has affected her art making, and what her thoughts are about how her community is reacting to the rapidly changing conditions.

Says Sibande:

“I think as human beings, as resilient as we are, we always want to look at summer. No one wants to look at winter. When one has a gift of being creative, you always want to create another world where justice is being served, where desire and truth exist, and all of that. We hardly ever look at the blues, the grays, the unwanted. It’s just the human brain, how it’s designed I guess. We kind of touch on the bad side of life, but we always want to create a beautiful picture that hangs on the wall—an alternative to what’s actually happening.”

Watch the full interview below.