Art in Lockdown: Jeffrey Gibson

Work in progress in Gibson’s studio, 2020. Courtesy of the artist

Jeffrey Gibson recently reached out to us from quarantine in Hudson, New York. With his studio shut down due to social distance restrictions, Gibson is fighting to keep his studio assistants employed, and to adjust his ideas in order to face issues about the pandemic head on. He shared his thoughts and some images of his new, isolated workspace, in the latest episode of Kavi Gupta’s Art in Lockdown.

Says Gibson:

“What I keep coming back to is, we were all contributing to unsustainable practices of living. The way we were able to compartmentalize time before has changed. The edges on those compartments are blurry, they’re all spilling over into each other. Technology has been celebrated as a way to accomplish more with less time, in hopes we would use that extra time to enjoy our families, enjoy our loved ones. enjoy our friends. But what we were doing instead is filling our time with so many projects that we weren’t taking advantage of the time technology could allow for.”