Su Su | Bombyx Paintings

September 22, 2022



Like the silk moths the series is named for, Chinese-born, Pittsburgh-based artist Su Su’s Bombyx Paintings quiver with a physical fervor. Thin strands of oil paint in an innumerable amount of colors reach through the silk tulle foundation of each work, forming highly-texturized self-portraits that turn gravity upside down.


The process behind Su Su’s Bombyx Paintings is one of her own invention. Using fine-tipped syringes filled with oil paint, the artist gingerly injects color through a stretched sheet of silk. At a painstaking pace, Su Su’s compositions come to life via this amalgamation of texture—only visible to the artist through a large mirror laid underneath.


Su Su, From Your Special Friend is on view from September 3 to November 5 at Kavi Gupta | Washington Blvd Fl. 1. 


Video by Ania Bilinska



Music by Dean Gil Hopper