Reclaimed | Deborah Kass in Andy Warhol: Revelation

The Brooklyn Museum
April 26, 2022

Deborah Kass joined The Brooklyn Msueum  in Andy Warhol: Revelation as the first subject of their  new series, Reclaimed. The series explores the unique ways in which artists leverage their work to reclaim narratives of their lived experiences.


During the conversation, Kass discusses her eight-year-long project inspired by Andy Warhol’s highly recognizable imagery, which aspects of Warhol’s life and artwork she finds most touching, and the continued role art plays in negotiating power and privilege. Reclaimed series focuses on art as a tool to reclaim traditional narratives of lived experience. An effort to highlight and empower groups that have been left out, stigmatized, and misrepresented. Follow along for a celebration of our differences and stride towards collective healing and social progress. Experience Andy Warhol: Revelation through June 19.