Deborah Kass: OUT OF ORDER Unveils Capsule T-Shirt Collection by Artists to Benefit Grassroots Organization UkrainePride

OUT OF ORDER, June 28, 2022



 OUT OF ORDER will unveil a capsule t-shirt collection in collaboration with eleven artists, the proceeds of which will benefit grassroots organization UKRAINEPRIDE. Tees will be available for sale during a limited period at, retailing at USD 80, from June 28th to July 4th. 


Participating artists include Anne Imhoff, Glenn Ligon, Deborah Kass, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Raul de Nieves, Karl Holmqvist, Roni Horn, Zoe Leonard, Ugo Rondinone, Francesco Vezzoli, and Sarah Sze.



“Like many of us, I watched in horror as the Russian incursion into Ukraine started making headlines. Overnight, the country had been plunged into chaos. As I scoured social platforms looking for ways to help, people on the ground I managed to get ahold of were actively fleeing bombs in Kharkiv, seeking refuge in the Carpathian mountains, and in Kyiv. Eventually, word of mouth led me to UKRAINEPRIDE. These were former techno lovers, and activists that just six months prior were organizing rave parties across a bustling Kharkiv. No longer. UKRAINEPRIDE, now a nascent grassroots organization, coordinates search and rescue operations, funds relocation initiatives for families in need as well as peer to peer assistance for food, necessities, and more. We have been in touch ever since these early days, and I have been deeply moved by their mission and by their steadfast resolve in the face of such adversity. It is an honor that I can play a small part in their continued success today through OUT OF ORDER and I am equally humbled by the swift response from such great artists as the ones that have contributed to this project. What better way to close Pride month than by helping members of our community and its allies that so clearly and urgently deserve our support?” 


— Dorian Grinspan, OUT OF ORDER.


“Over the past month, media attention to the war in Ukraine has decreased by more than 20 times. Unfortunately, the war itself did not end. Russia is occupying and destroying new cities and villages in the South and East of Ukraine, killing and injuring thousands of Ukrainians. The war affected the lives of every Ukrainian, including the LGBTQIA+ community and their families. Many people lost their jobs and their housing. Some have trouble accessing food. It is important to do everything possible to keep Ukraine in the light and help us fight for our freedom, and for our democracy.” 


— Yura Dvizhon, UKRAINEPRIDE.


“Today, as Ukrainians we are fighting for our lives and freedom on two different fronts: in real life on the battlefields, and virtually in an information war. As queer Ukrainians we also fight to stay visible. So that Russian homophobic and transphobic propaganda does not enter the mainstream and erase the progress we’ve made ever since the fall of the USSR. We want to make sure LGBTQIA+ people stay visible on frontlines and in volunteering campaigns. We are fighting to show people why equality is important, to show them how we can make a difference, and ultimately to impress upon them why we matter. This is why we need support from our international community. We need to stay visible. Initiatives such as this one are so dear to us because the war is far from ended, but every day, with your support, we are closer to victory.”


— Sofiia Lapina, UKRAINEPRIDE.







Founded by Dorian Grinspan in 2011, OUT OF ORDER has evolved from a semi-annual culture publication to a platform for impact-driven and culture-powered campaigns. Leveraging ten years of close collaborations with some of the world’s pre-eminent cultural figures and institutions, OOO aims to channel culture into impact with this its first campaign. 




UKRAINEPRIDE is an NGO dedicated to helping members of the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies on the ground in Ukraine. Helmed by activists Sofiia Lapina and Yura Dvizhon, UKRAINEPRIDE worked diligently amidst the chaos that was the first phase of the war in getting people from active warzones to safety all the while using social media to raise awareness and inform on the unfolding humanitarian crisis. Today, the team remains in Ukraine where they continue to engage in peer-to-peer assistance, mobilization, volunteering, and awareness campaigns.

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