Jaime Muñoz: Art Industry News

ArtNet News, April 19, 2022


Kavi Gupta Represents Jaime Muñoz The California-based artist joins the roster of Kavi Gupta gallery in Chicago. Born in 1987, the painter will be featured in a group show this year, following a first solo presentation at the gallery in 2023.


Muñoz’s paintings emblematize the abiding struggle between humans, technology, and labor. His glimmering, pictographic compositions convey a masterful blend of representational precision and allegorical motif, suggesting a charmed space where everyday life is nurtured by magic and myth.

“Even though we are a part of nature, we also live in conflict with it,” says Muñoz. “Throughout history we’ve made great efforts to improve civilization through work, industry, and technology. These moments of progress have also led to exploitation and destructive behaviors. This unresolved conflict is a central theme in my work.”

Among Muñoz’s recurring motifs are utility trucks, horses, and dimensional text—imagery drawn from Muñoz’s personal background. More than direct figurative references, these are symbols inviting viewers into a world of post-capitalist iconolatry informed by centuries of colonialism and commodification.

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