Kavi Gupta: The Black Art Experience and Expo Chicago Partner on Curated Weekend of Events

Trace William Cowen, Complex, March 17, 2022


The Black Art Experience—founded by Kendra Walker and in collaboration with Kimberly Valene Reid—is partnering with the annual Expo Chicago exhibition for a curated weekend boasting participation from multiple galleries and artists.


The special weekend’s lineup has been designed to provide participants with a “full understanding of the Black Art Ecosystem” in the city. Included in the itinerary is VIP access to Expo Chicago private museum tours with Black curators, private studio visits, a panel discussion, and more.


The Black Art Experience x Expo Chicago kicks off on April 7 and runs through April 10. Participating galleries include Kavi Gupta Gallery, Monique Meloche Gallery, Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, and Patron Gallery. Among the artists featured as part of the multi-day program are Jake Troyli, Carmen Neely, Leasho Johnson, Bethany Collins, Devan Shimoyama, and Zohra Opoku. Neely and Johnson, additionally, are confirmed to also be on the programming lineup in a private studio visit capacity.

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