Tomokazu Matsuyama To Unveil The Best Part About Us

Shawn Ghassemitari, Hypebeast, January 26, 2022

Following a series of limited-edition prints with Avant Arte and several landmark shows at China’s Long MuseumTomokazu Matsuyama will unveil a new solo exhibition in Chicago, titled  The Best Part About Us.


Housed at Kavi Gupta Gallery, the forthcoming show reflects the experiences of today’s nomadic diaspora — a global, intercultural community of wandering people who seek to understand their place in a world full of contrasting visual and cultural dialects. The Japanese-born, New York-based artist calls this phenomenon “the global us.” By accumulating a myriad of visual histories and ephemera, such as floral motifs from the Edo period with more contemporary iconography, Matsuyama allows the viewers to make up a story based on their own unique upbringing.


In a statement on the show, Matsuyama said: “My paintings are not intended to inform viewers of specific messages nor narratives. These little fractions of everyday culture remind the viewers of narratives in their own life. That leads to ownership. It represents them. It represents me. It represents us. What’s the best part? It’s subjective.” 


“The Best Part About Us” goes on view at Kavi Gupta from February 5 to March 19, 2022.


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