A Look Inside Tomokazu Matsuyama's "No Place Like Home" Exhibition

Keith Estiler, Hypebeast, September 27, 2018

Brooklyn-based artist Tomokazu Matsuyama recently launched his third solo exhibition at Luxembourg’s Zidoun-Bossuyt gallery. Entitled “No Place Like Home,” the extensive presentation highlights 17 new works including a series of paintings and a sculpture.


From Japanese woodblock prints to Vogue editorials, Matsuyama appropriated various images to explore the idea of a multinational identity. He aims to touch upon “the diversity of where we live, pointing out the evidence of how one culture can no longer be explained by its lineage of tradition only.” In regards to the details of the paintings, “There are random object and things that are placed within each painting, from 1950’s vintage postcards found on eBay, Andy Warhol paintings to 80 s rock music albums like Guns N Roses or Velvet Underground allowing the viewer to make their own story with their upbringing,” said the gallery.


He also took the same approach when crafting the sculpture. “The intense superficial smooth finish and gestural accents are inspired by traditional 12th-century Japanese wood carved Buddhist sculpture, but the sculpted fashion clipping figure was found in a fashion magazine.”


Check out “No Place Like Home” in the slideshow above and then head over to Zidoun-Bossuyt’s website to learn more. The exhibition is on view until October 27. In related stories, take a look at this week’s best art drops.


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