Diana Oates, Culture Map Dallas, April 14, 2014

The Joule Dallas unveiled the most distinctive rental space in town on April 12 at the Eye Ball, a party hosted in conjunction with Dallas Art Fair that introduced the Eye as a venue available for events.


The colossal Eye sculpture was completed in August 2013, but it has been mostly out of reach behind an impenetrable iron fence. The Joule flung the gates open to a guest list heavy on players in the art world, including Eye creator Tony Tasset, Richard Phillips, Liza Thorn, Max Levai, Piper Marshall, Jonah Freeman, Michael Nevan, Anna-Sophia van Zweden, Kenny Goss, Christen and Derek Wilson, Brian Bolke, and Michael Tregoning.

They celebrated the sixth rendition of the annual Dallas Art Fair with a DJ performance by artist Andrew Kuo, live graffiti painting by the Sour Grapes Collective, and a video projection of artist Jacolby Satterwhite’s Country Ball 1989-2012.


Colorful hors d’oeuvre were passed by cigarette girls, including brisket doughnuts, mini soba salads and a raw bar selection, along with craft beer, wine, themed cocktails and miniature soda creams.


The venue is now accepting bookings through The Joule. It boasts an 11,000-square-feet expanse of pristine AstroTurf and the ever-gazing Eye. At 30 feet tall, it not only offers one of the most memorable photo ops in town, but it also creates a spectacle by miniaturizing its surroundings.

This major installation is a continuation of the Headington Companies’ dedication to contemporary art, both on The Joule’s property and in the City of Dallas

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