Eye on India Festival Comes to Lemont (Excerpt)

Lauren M. Heist, Chicago Tribune, May 21, 2015

Eye on India and Teamwork Arts is proud to announce the 5th annual Eye on India Festival May 28 through June 28. From cinema, photography and music, to fashion, dance and yoga, Eye on India showcases the best of contemporary and traditional Indian art in a variety of locations across the city. More than 12 events are planned, and each will be co-presented by arts, business, and community partner organizations throughout Chicago. Ticket prices for events range from free admission to $150, with an average ticket price of $30. Tickets go on sale April 28. For the full festival schedule and tickets visit www.EyeOnIndia.com.


Eye on India Festival President and Chicagoan Anuradha Behari created the festival after attending the Jaipur Literature Festival, one of the largest of its kind in the world. She wished to replicate this spirit of collaboration and discovery, and share the depth and breadth of modern India in her hometown. “Professionally I have witnessed a keen interest from U.S. business leaders to better understand their business colleagues in India, and a mutual desire to build and strengthen relationships. There is also a growing curiosity in the general population about contemporary Indian culture that is not being fulfilled.


Since Chicago is already known for its worldclass festivals, the time felt right to establish a new festival that is providing an opportunity to foster dialogue and build cultural ties between India and the U.S.” Eye on India Chicago and Kavi Gupta Gallery are proud to announce the North American debut of new works by Mumbai based artist Manish Nai. The exhibition will feature four large-scale site-specific works in addition to wall hangings, sculptures, and prints. The media used in Nai’s work are both modest and quintessentially Indian. Cheap and ubiquitous materials are transformed through a laborious process representing the complexities of use and reuse, and alluding to the hierarchies of artistic media and Indian social structures.


Saturday, June 6 from 5 – 7 p.m.

Manish Nai Opening Reception

Co-presented by Kavi Gupta Gallery

219 North Elizabeth Street

Free Admission

of 1339