When the Weather Gives You Snowmageddon, Make Art Snowmen

Benjamin Sutton, HYPERALLERGIC, January 26, 2015

Welcome to Snowmageddon 2015. (For readers outside the northeastern United States, this is all you need to know.) As we hunker down in anticipation of what will almost certainly be a less dramatic snowstorm than some are predicting and begin to formulate plans for the construction of snowpersons, we offer you this brief and necessarily incomplete survey of artists’ snowmen for inspiration.


The Dirty Snowman

Tasset has crafted at least a half-dozen hyperrealist snowman sculptures over the past nine years — the extensive list of materials involved in the making of each includes glass, brass, resin, enamel paint, bronze, poly-styrene, and stainless steel. None has looked quite so creepy and unhinged as “Snowman with Yellow Glove,” which proved a favorite with Instagrammers at the 2013 Armory Show.

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