Christian Kay, Aspen Public Radio, March 26, 2018

Los Angeles -based contemporary artist Glenn Kaino speaks tonight in Snowmass Village.

Kaino is the current visiting artist at Anderson Ranch.  He’s known for art that takes everyday objects and puts a twist on them. His statue ‘Invisible Man,’ for example, is partly made from mirrored stainless steel, and seems to disappear when viewed from certain angles.

Kaino often makes statements about current social issues and politics in his art.  He feels a responsibility to use his platform to help people see another point of view.

 “It all comes from the framing of hope, and a really utopic vision of what the world can be, versus what it is at the current moment.”

Kaino will speak about his past exhibitions, as well as his current work, titled ‘With Drawn Arms.’ It explores social justice in a collaborative project with 1968 Olympian Tommie Smith, who raised his fist on the Olympic podium in a silent protest against racism in the United States.

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