Mickalene Thomas: A guide to the dozens of exhibitions worldwide marking the 50th anniversary of Picasso's death

José da Silva, The Art Newspaper, January 3, 2023




The man, the myth, the misogynist: the many sides of Pablo Picasso’s life and work will come under the spotlight this year as institutions in Europe and the US mark the 50th anniversary of the Spanish artist’s death. Picasso’s fame and extraordinary output mean that although there is always a Picasso show on somewhere in the world (not to mention at the several museums dedicated to the artist), 2023 will see a veritable bonanza of them.


Around 50 exhibitions have been organised under the Celebration Picasso 1973-2023 umbrella, supported by the culture ministries of Spain and France. The Musée Picasso in Paris will kick off its celebrations by inviting Paul Smith, the British fashion designer, to curate an exhibition of the Spanish master’s works mixed with pieces by contemporary artists like Mickalene Thomas and Chéri Samba (7 March-6 August).

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