Global Audiences Join Kavi Gupta in Singapore for ART SG

January 12, 2023

Singapore is drawing enthusiastic attendees from all over the world to the inaugural edition of ART SG, a crucial new destination on the international art fair circuit.


Kavi Gupta gallery from Chicago is among the limited number of American contemporary art galleries participating in ART SG's debut. The gallery is known for its focus on amplifying the voices of marginalized artists, and represents many artists who identify with Asian or AAPI backgrounds. Several of those artists are spotlighted in their booth, including Indian artist Manish Nai; Japanese American artist Tomokazu Matsuyama; Indo-Caribbean artist Suchitra Mattai; Japanese-American artist Miya Ando; and Japanese-Trinidadian American artist Devan Shimoyama.


In addition to their efforts to highlight artists with cultural and ancestral ties to Asia, Kavi Gupta is also relishing the chance to introduce Singapore audiences to the work of a range of other international artists they represent, whose work is less commonly visible in the region, such as Inka Essenhigh and Beverly Fishman from the US, Esmaa Mohamoud and Manuel Mathieu from Canada, Arghavan Khosravi from Iran, and Mary Sibande from South Africa.


A country of more than five million residents, where English is the primary official language, Singapore is highly regarded for its culinary culture. (Where else can you find Michelin Star street food?) The country is also solidly established as a premier global art destination, hosting an array of influential and dynamic art museums, including National Gallery Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore and the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM).


Even though ART SG is a relatively new kid on the art fair block (joining Frieze Seoul and Art Basel Hong Kong, among several others), high attendance and enthusiasm during the first few days of the fair indicate it has the potential to be a favorite for all types of art viewers. The contemporary art world has never been more intercultural and interconnected, and Singapore presents a unique opportunity to celebrate the global roots today’s art field thrives upon.


Says Kavi Gupta, “The extraordinary setting offered by ART SG represents a dynamic addition to the global cultural landscape. This exciting new fair presents us with a unique opportunity to further our mission to amplify voices of diverse and underrepresented artists to expand the canon of art history, and to foster an evolving conversation among international communities about art and ideas.”


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