Tomokazu Matsuyama: Art Collaboration Kyoto 2022: Stop the World and Melt

Sam Gaskin, OCULA, November 21, 2022



How Yukako Yamashita made good on her promise for a less frenetic, more digestible art fair.


Dressed in her grandmother's kimono—the fabric a wave pattern in orange and cream with green accents—Art Collaboration Kyoto's (ACK) Yukako Yamashita said she hoped collectors wouldn't feel 'too full' with art when the fair opened to VIPs a few hours later.


The event was limited to 64 galleries, less than a quarter of the 282 going to Art Basel Miami Beach next month, but it felt even smaller than that. It featured just 35 booths, most of which were shared between a Japanese host gallery and an international collaborator.


Some galleries found their own partners, often through shared representation of an artist.

Kavi Gupta (Chicago) and Kotaro Nukaga (Tokyo), for instance, split their works either side of a dreamy Tomokazu Matsuyama painting,

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