Arts Brookfield Recognizes Miya Ando as the 2023 Brookfield Place New York Annual Arts Commission Recipient

Arts Brookfield, July 27, 2022


Last week, Arts Brookfield brought artists and the local community together at Brookfield Place for Art and the Environment: Artist Talk with Tatiana Arocha and Sarah Cameron Sunde. The evening was a celebration of the art projects currently on display at Brookfield Place, as well as a tribute to Tatiana Arocha, the 2022 Brookfield Place New York Annual Arts Commission recipient, and the unveiling of the 2023 Brookfield Place New York Annual Arts Commission recipient. 


The panel discussion was moderated by curator Kendal Henry, who facilitated an engaging conversation on Arocha and Sunde’s environmentally-inspired work, calling attention to society’s complex relationship with and impact on the environment. 


The evening ended with the highly-anticipated unveiling of the 2023 Brookfield Place New York Annual Arts Commission recipient: Miya Ando. 


Miya Ando is a celebrated artist who expresses concepts of impermanence and interdependence of nature in her works. Ando’s paintings, sculptures, drawings, and installations are a physical articulation of her contemplation of the cycles of nature and the inexorable passage of time. Examples of Miya Ando’s past work can be found here


The Brookfield Place Annual Arts Commission provides each year’s recipient with the opportunity to create art in a unique way in a public setting.Arts Brookfield has commissioned artists to create new works of art at Brookfield Place for almost 35 years. Arts Brookfield commissions all types of artwork (dance, music, theater), however, the Brookfield Place Annual Arts Commission is generally awarded to a visual artist.




Nature serves as form and metaphor for expressing the concepts of impermanence and interdependence in Miya Ando’s artworks. The artist’s paintings, sculptures, drawings, and installations are a physical articulation of Ando’s contemplation of the cycles of nature and the inexorable passage of time. Concept, image, and materials are inextricably linked in the artist’s work. Ando transforms her mindfully chosen substrates: steel, wood, glass, aluminum – materials symbolizing permanence -- to

offer a view of that which is transitory. The layered, refractive surfaces of Ando’s sculptures and experiential paintings on metal, mirror the ephemeral nature of their subject, which is often fleeting natural phenomena: the seasons, light, clouds, tides evoked in the artist’s minimal visual syntax. Likewise, indigo drawings on washi paper represent a glimpse of the momentary – a glint of moonlight on a wave, or the radiant of a meteor shower. Juxtaposing the manmade with the organic, the material with the immaterial, polarity and harmony coexist in the artist's work. This polarity is rooted in Ando’s unique perspective as an artist occupying a vantage point between Japanese and Western culture. Language, a signifier of cultural values, is integral to the artist’s creative inquiry.




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