Artist Spotlight: Beverly Fishman

Maureen Feighan, The Detroit News, August 3, 2022

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 Beverly Fishman

Aesthetic: A Hamtramck-based painter and sculptor whose work often explores the intersection of science and medicine.

The latest: Fishman's solo exhibition, "Beverly Fishman: Recovery," at Michigan State University's Broad Art Museum, features two large geometric abstract murals titled "Recovery I" and "Recovery II." Both pieces, bold and vibrant, explore the notion of recovery with saturated colors and abstract geometric shapes. "In the face of global pandemic, along with the ever-pressing need for wider social, racial and environmental reckonings in the United States (and abroad), it is all the more important for people to seek out moments of solace," states at intro of the exhibition, which runs through Sunday. "These new commissions wash over us in color and light, offering an uplifting, awe-inspiring experience." The Broad Art Museum is at 547 E. Circle Drive in East Lansing.

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