For the third edition of “Lady Dior Art”, the house entrusted its iconic bag to eleven renowned artists. At the request of Maria Grazia Chiuri, 11 women have been invited to collaborate with the fashion house, a continuation of her feminist message that she conveys through her collections.

Created in 1995, the Lady Dior bag, named in honor of Princess Diana, is the epitome of the values and aesthetics of the fashion house. The caning pattern is reminiscent of the Napoleon III chairs from the first catwalks and the piece subtly nods to the lucky charms of Christian Dior himself. For the third edition of the project, “Lady Dior Art”Maria Grazia Chiuri has given carte blanche to eleven female artists of different generations and from all over the world. Each was encouraged pay homage to the historic soul of Paris fashion house, while injecting her own style into the classic piece. The Lady Dior has thus been covered with squares of cotton cloth and linen embroidered with gilt gold leaf by the Colombian artist Olga De Amaral, embroidered with pearls and glass tubes by the Korean Lee Bul and twisted with a tangle of chains and charms in gold and silver by Isabelle Cornaro. Take a look at the 11 creations by Olga De AmaralPolly ApfelbaumBurçak BingölLee BulIsabelle CornaroHaruka KojinLi ShuruiMickalene ThomasJanaina TschäpeMorgane Tschiember and Pae White. The creations are available now.




January 23, 2019
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