The Lady Dior bag is not only iconic, but also the tangible trophy of this intersection of women and success in modern art and fashion. As any bag should be, Lady Dior is an aspect of identity, as each artistic ornamentation is stitched with passion and fosters new growth within fashion. Now, following the pre-launch in Miami last December we are blessed by the Third Edition of Dior Lady Art which will feature collaborations with eleven of the best artists from around the globe- all female, all badass and all reinterpreting the art of Dior. One of these paragon’s of female artistry is Mickalene Thomas who uses her absurdly artistic abilities to tackle social issues involving race, gender and sexuality. Her work is complex, using multiple mediums of art including rhinestones and acrylic to paint portraits of Western Art History and all those involved.

With her work on this installation of Dior Lady Art, it is no surprise that she will yet again explore representations of black female identity and create masterpieces that seamlessly connect femininity and true power. There is no limit of excellence in Dior Lady Art, and the bags crafted shall remind all women that there is no limit to their own excellence. Watch the video below to see how Thomas grabs the industry by the shoulders and shakes all misconceptions away, further proving the strength of women and their craft.

The bags now available in select Dior boutiques globally.

January 10, 2019
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