Art Collaboration Kyoto 2021

Kyoto International Conference Center Event Hall, etc. 5 - 7 November 2021 
Kyoto International Conference Center Event Hall, etc.

Art Collaboration Kyoto Executive Committee Establishment Prospectus

Since ancient times, Kyoto's cultural arts have developed as the basis of various economic and social activities while being linked to people's lives and industries. Tangible and intangible cultures accumulated over a long history are still attractive resources that attract people at home and abroad. Based on this regionality, Kyoto Prefecture has a selection exhibition that honors and introduces artists in residences in each region, art events centered on young artists, and up-and-coming artists as measures to promote the creation of new culture. We have been exploring ways to support writers by the government.


However, in order for a writer to wish to advance his career while being based in Kyoto, the issue has emerged that the environment in which he can concentrate on his production activities is not yet fully prepared. There are many art universities in Kyoto, and each university has attracted excellent students from all over the country and has produced many internationally active artists. In this way, Kyoto is a blessed environment for art education and research, but the art industry is not developed enough to support the lives of artists, and artists who flow out of the prefecture or abroad in search of a better environment. The reality is that there are not a few.


On the other hand, the soil for accepting contemporary art in Kyoto is gradually growing due to the efforts of various art-related people. In order to connect this potential to support for artists, as a measure from a cross-disciplinary perspective that goes beyond the promotion of cultural art itself as in the past, the circulation of "production, presentation, distribution, evaluation" of contemporary art We need some way to encourage it. In particular, by revitalizing the art market, which is greatly involved in the presentation and distribution of works, it will be possible to leave valuable works in society and raise the reputation of the artist.


Private contemporary art galleries have contributed to the spread of contemporary art and the development of the art market by fostering outstanding artists and disseminating them both domestically and internationally by holding exhibitions and exhibiting at overseas art fairs. .. The network of art-related people around the world that each gallery has built through its own efforts is a very valuable asset for the Japanese contemporary art world.

Under these circumstances, in order to expand the art market and support writers through it, the private sector and the government, which share a common awareness of issues, will work together to think and implement projects suitable for modern Kyoto. Is necessary. Therefore, while the private sector and the government are working together to plan an experimental project to explore a new framework for contemporary art, we planned to hold "Art Collaboration Kyoto" through discussions with experts. The theme "Collaboration" provides guidelines for exploring the possibilities of various collaborations such as private sector and government, Japan and overseas, art and other fields. Specifically, the exhibition and sale of contemporary art is centered on the stage in Kyoto, where people involved in contemporary art from Japan and abroad, such as writers, gallerists, collectors, curators, critics, and researchers, gather together. Implement the program. By revitalizing the art market in Kyoto and Japan, we aim to promote an organic cycle in which art and the economy are linked and develop sustainably, and to support writers and establish them in the region.


Based on the above perspectives, we will establish the Art Collaboration Kyoto Executive Committee to realize an art program as a place for the transmission and distribution of contemporary art while exploring the possibilities of various collaborations in Kyoto or Japan.



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