James Krone

Installation Views

b. 1975 Chicago, Illinois
Lives and works in Berlin

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016An Ornithology for Birds, Kavi Gupta. Chicago

2015Words Like Parrots, Marie Kirkegaard. Copenhagen

2014Catsuit for Men, Night Gallery. Los Angeles

2013James Krone, ABC (with Kavi Gupta). Berlin

Waterhome: We is Somebody Else, Brand New Gallery. Milan

2012Waterhome, Kavi Gupta. Chicago

Sea Of Crisis, Infernoesque. Berlin

Waterhome, Kavi Gupta. Berlin

2010Trickle Down Ergonomics, Kavi Gupta. Chicago

The Wilderness is the Witches Leash, Country Club. Los Angeles

2008In Lieu of a Science of Memory, Circus Gallery. Los Angeles

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018Bio Perversity, (curated by John Knuth and Ben Lee Handler), Mihai Nicodim. Los Angeles

2017Skip Tracer, Marc LeBlanc. Chicago

Expanded (with Jessica Stockholder), Kavi Gupta at Mana Contemporary. Chicago

Paper, Kavi Gupta. Chicago

Daydreamers, (curated by Elisa Rusca and Stephen Kent). Daydreamers.biz

2016The Collapse of the Mind’s Ordering System Leads to some rather Wanton Developments (curated by Alexi Kukuljevic), Tanya Leighton. Berlin

The Ardent V (curated by Daniel Horn and Julia Moritz), UP STATE. Zurich

Float in a Dark Tank (curated by Morgan Mandalay), Yautepec. Mexico City

Face To Face, Palazzo Fruscione Salerno. Salerno

2015Picture the Cricket’s Legs Apart (as curator), Kavi Gupta. Chicago

Improper Nouns, Blackbridge Offspace. Beijing

Works on Paper, Hunted Projects. Tilburg

Power Objects: The Future Has a Primitive Heart, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids

2014The White Album (curated by Gladys Katherina-Hernando), Richard Telles. Los Angeles

The Unfinished Season (curated by Marc Leblanc), Galerie Nagel Draxler. Köln

Almost Something, Not Quite Nothing, Ambach and Rice. Los Angeles

The Politics of Surface, Berthold Pott. Köln

The Go Between, Museo di Capodimonte. Naples

2013Beyond the Object, Brand New Gallery. Milan

Xstraction, The Hole. New York

Stable Mates (curated by Christopher Russell), Los Angeles City College. Los Angeles

2012Ellipsis et Cetera, Charim Galerie. Vienna

Paranoia Of Time (curated by John Knuth), Carter & Citizen. Los Angeles

The Chameleon’s Eye (curated by Tomoya Matsuzaki) , Centrum. Berlin

2011Adult Contemporary: Family Romance (as curator w/ Marc LeBlanc), Kavi Gupta. Berlin

Style & Desire, Kavi Gupta Gallery. Berlin

Anteriors (curated by Marc LeBlanc), Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz e.V. Berlin

2010Adult Contemporary: Dirty Black Summer (as curator w/ Marc LeBlanc), Kavi Gupta. Berlin

Vivere Country (curated by Margherita Belaief), Grimmuseum. Berlin

The First Berlin Kreuzberg Biennial: Ayran and Yoga. Berlin

Haunted, JMOCA. Los Angeles

2009James Krone and Jason Loebs, Kavi Gupta. Berlin

Ich Habe Stimmen Gehort, Galerie Im Regierungsviertel. Berlin

Rasta-Dental, JMOCA. Los Angeles

2008Inevitable Continuum (with JMOCA), Locust Projects. Miami

2007The Greatest Generation, Circus Gallery. Los Angeles

Capitalist Hippies, Cirkulations Centralen. Malmo

Ungenius Alchemy (with John Knuth), Sixteen to One. Los Angeles

One Day We Will All Live By The Sea (with Bianca Regl), Galerie Goldener Engl. Tirol

Talented Young People, Co-Lab. Copenhagen

Made For Each Other, Schalter. Berlin

2006Many, Many Guys and Girls, All Real Beauties (curated by Julian Hoeber), Circus of Books. Los Angeles

Oktoberfest: Kippenberger Works, JMOCA. Los Angeles