Basil Kincaid

Installation Views

b. 1986 St. Louis, Missouri | Lives and works in St. Louis

Basil Kincaid is a St. Louis-based multi-disciplinary artist. His work can be seen in conceptual terms as an examination of two big ideas: reclamation and heritage. Reclamation is partly about acknowledging what has been cast off by people as part of the ordinary processes of living everyday life, and partly about discovering new value in what has out-lived its previous uses. By finding new meanings and purposes for the cast off materials of society, Kincaid engages in the creation of new forms and experiences.


In a concrete sense, Kincaid achieves this ethereal goal by amassing donated and found materials, which he then uses as mediums to be incorporated into his assemblages, collages, and quilts. The undervalued remains of history literally find new life as his sculptures, paintings, wearable artworks, quilts, and tapestries. The quest to understand his own heritage is partly what inspired Kincaid to adopt quilting as an aesthetic technique. For more than 100 years his family members have quilted, and Kincaid has even stated that his grandmother, who was an avid quilter, visits him in his dreams. He considers the quilts he makes to be a sort of metaphysical collaboration with his ancestors, which allows him to participate in a legacy that extends far backwards and infinitely forward in time.

Solo & Direct Collaborations

2017Regional Arts Commission, R3clamation: Beyond This Threshold, Installation & Performance, St. Louis MO

2016Hawn Gallery, SMU Hamon Arts Library, “Roots & Routes”, Installation & Performance, Dallas TX

Hoffman LaChance Contemporary, “Inward Quest” Installation & Performance, St. Louis MO

Cortex, Murmuration Festival, “Portal”, Installation & Performance, St. Louis MI

Nebula Coworking, “The Vessel”, Installation & Performance Art Exhibition, St. Louis MO

Moy Fincher Chipps, “Love Art”, Solo Exhibition, Los Angeles CA

The Luminary, “Reclamation 2: Ghana: A Call Home” Solo Exhibition, St. Louis MO

2015Bernstein Wealth Management, “Reclamation Ghana”, Boston MA

2014The Box Gallery, “NewCollage: Behind the Veil”, Solo Exhibition, Chicago IL

20132720 Cherokee St Gallery, “Praxis:Freedom” Solo Exhibition,-St. Louis MI

Portfolio Gallery and Education Center, “Reclamation” Art Show and Album Debut, St. Louis, MO

2012BlankSpace, “Double Consciousness”, Solo Exhibition, St. Louis, MO

Group Exhibitions

2017Krantzberg Arts Center, “Taking it To The Streets”, St. Louis MO

St. Louis University, McNamee Gallery, Invitational Exhibition, St. Louis MI

UMSL University, 210 Gallery, Taking It To The Streets, Juried Group Show, St. Louis MO

Lesley University, “Justice In Process”, Group Show & Symposium, Boston MA

BlankSpace, Clothesline “Non-Fiction”, St. Louis MI

Touhill Performing Arts Center- Spring to Dance, “Tributary”, Costume Design and Construction, St. Louis MO

2015Grammy Museum, Blackout Festival, Installation, Los Angeles CA

Boston City Hall, “Emerge”, Installation, Boston MA

Lawn On D, BEANfest, Art and Music Festival, Installation, Boston MA

Nabuke Foundation, “Voyage of [Re]Discovery”, Group Exhibition, Accra Ghana

Smack Mellon, “RESPOND”, Juried Group Show, Brooklyn NY

2014VSA Massachusetts at the Open Door Gallery, HandmadeHoliday Show , Group Show, Boston MA

District Hall, City Awake Social Impact Festival– Art Inclusion Salon, Group Show, Boson MA

20123407 California Avenue Gallery, Reclamation, St. Louis, MO